While we’re not sure if this past weekend’s presentation at San Diego Comic Con created less dissenters, or more, the fact of the matter is that there was no bigger presentation at this year’s con than Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice. Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment‘s big gamble has a lot of interest, but not a lot of faith, but might have Saturday’s huge presentation changed all that? Time will tell, but in the meantime here’s a couple more new images from the movie, one is the promotional banner above, and the other is a closer look at, to use action figure marketing parlance, Desert Batman.

So the banner at the top, no big deal, right? Oh boy, Batman and Superman are facing each other. The slightly more interesting bit is Desert Batman. We know that Batman will have some costume changes in the film, his Superman-fighting armor being the previously known example, but the Comic Con trailer revealed Batman’s desert warfare costume, illustrated in the below screen shot:


Well, now here’s a closer look:


So what’s the deal with Desert Batman? What other environments is he dressed for? Is their an Arctic Gear Batman? A Scuba-Batman? And what’s the deal with those soldiers with the Superman ‘S’ shield on their shoulders? All questions will likely (hopefully) be answered on March 25, 2016 when Batman V. Superman opens in theaters everywhere.

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