Dan Aykroyd tweeted out confirmation of his cameo in Paul Feig‘s all female Ghostbusters Reboot/Re-Imagining over the weekend, but don’t try to find it, he or someone in his camp deleted the tweet soon after. Perhaps his cameo wasn’t supposed to be so publicly confirmed so soon. We all expected a cameo from Aykroyd in there somewhere, and now we know he’ll at least be in the movie, if not exactly how.

Here’s a picture of the tweet by way of Den of Geeks:




Indie Revolver is reporting that a source on the set has described the Aykroyd cameo:

Our good friend on the set, “The Twirp”  has exclusively revealed to us that Aykroyd is cameoing as a Cabbie in the new film and that he was on set filming his scene last night. The scene featured Kristen Wiig attempting to gain access to Aykroyd’s cab in vein. At some point Aykroyd throws out the iconic line, “I ain’t afraid of no ghosts!” and drives off with Wiig yelling something along the lines of “That’s a double negative! That means you ARE afraid of ghosts!”

OK, that sucks balls.  I’d have rather seen him as a ghost if we can’t see him as Ray Stanz…


I guess the question now is will Bill Murray make a cameo as well? He’s publicly shown his support for the movie’s all female cast idea, but will he drop by for an on-screen show of support? Murray has long been off and on again about a Ghostbusters sequel. Often frustrating fans with alternating positions every time he appeared on David Letterman, who delighted in asking Murray about a Ghostbusters sequel just about every time Murray made an appearance.

I guess the question on Aykroyd’s cameo now is, will he be Ray Stanz in the cameo, or someone, or something else entirely?

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