Way back in 2000, when Bryan Singer‘s first X-Men movie was released, it was a much darker time for comic book movies. No one had faith in the material, and as a result, the super-team looked less like superheroes in the film and more like recruits from The Matrix. The actual comic book X-Men followed suit, ditching their brightly colored costumes for basic black, and only years later did they dress like superheroes again. On film, only X-Men: First Class had the audacity to let the mutants suit up in the traditional yellow and blue uniform, meanwhile, other comic book movies now seem more than happy to embrace those old-fashioned threads from the printed page (Vision from Avengers: Age of Ultron comes to mind). So what’s it going to be, will the characters of X-Men: Apocalypse look like superheroes again, or are they going back to black?

The somewhat cryptic answer was provided by Apocalypse director Singer in an interview with Yahoo! Q&A:

In X-Men: First Class, which I produced and wrote the story for, we hark back to the original colors of the original costumes from the 1963 comics. I will say that in X-Men: Apocalypse, there is a chance – without giving anything away – that you may get closer to seeing what I think, Mr. X-Men News, you are interested in seeing. I know it’s something that I’ve been interested in, I just always wanted to do it the right way.

So there, I guess. An argument could be made that between First Class, that deleted scene from The Wolverine, and the upcoming Deadpool, the X-Men movies have been getting more and more comfortable with the idea that the characters can wear their traditional comic book outfits without fear of mockery, or that the non-fan audience would be turned off by the comic book-i-ness of the costumes.


As for Apocalypse, the titular villain played by Oscar Isaac looks like he’ll make the transfer to big screen more or less intact, and set photos have revealed that Jubilee will be running around in her distinctive yellow jacket, which is so 90s. Still, if you love those classic costumes for X-Men characters, then it looks like you’re going to be getting a treat in next year’s film. I’ll reserve judgement though until I see how they dress Channing Tatum‘s Gambit. If he’s got the trench coat, the knee-high metallic boots and that weird head piece then you’ll know that we’re through the looking glass.

X-Men: Apocalypse is in theaters everywhere next summer.

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