Yeah! It’s the TV crossover you’ve been longing for, baby! In one corner you have the aging procedural/relationship drama that even its fans think is about two or three years past its prime. In the other corner, there’s the supernatural drama that dug itself into a narrative hole so deep in its second season they need deep sea oil drilling equipment to get out. But this fall, they will jump the shark together, and it will be glorious. Late breaking news last night revealed that Fox, who Gotham and Empire aside had a pretty crappy 2014/15 season, is running the ultimate ratings gambit of 2016: crossing over Bones and Sleepy Hollow.

Entertainment Weekly broke the news last night. Of course, TV crossovers are nothing new, but those shows usually have something in common, a recent example being the crossover episodes between Chicago P.D. and Law and Order: SVU, both shows about cops created by Dick Wolf. But this is a different beast. Bones is about a FBI agent and a forensic anthropologist that solve cold cases together while balancing their marriage and family life. Sleepy Hollow, of course, is the show about Revolutionary War soldier Ichabod Crane who returns to life in 21st century Upstate New York and helps a sheriff’s deputy fight the Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Naturally, these two shows were made for each other.

There were no further details about how the shows will intersect, or what kind of story will bring these two shows together. What we do know is that it will be a two-part crossover, one part on Bones and one part on Sleepy Hollow. Story-wise, perhaps Crane and Mills find a mysterious body tied to the apocalypse and they need the help of Bones and Breenan to unravel it all, bringing the Jeffersonian gang into some not-quite-explainable hijinks.

It seems like a weird choice. I mean, what’s next, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and Grey’s Anatomy crossing over? Bones is a very long-run series and has an established formula, but Sleepy Hollow is going into a rebuilding year after so thoroughly ruining its first season momentum in season two. To many, this is the very definition of a “jump the shark” moment for both shows, but having said that, there was once such a thing published as Archie Vs Punisher, and a book called Pride & Prejudice & Zombies was a best-seller. So really, anything’s possible.

Bones and Sleepy Hollow return this fall on Fox.

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