‘Logan’s Run’ Reboot Plods Onward

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There are some movies that should just never be remade or rebooted. Each individual has their own opinion concerning which old movie properties are sacred and which ones could do with a modern treatment. But one movie that I think most will agree should be left in its classic incarnation with no updates is Logan’s Run. It’s been nearly 40 years since the first movie graced the big screen and sure the FX might not hold up, but… why? Unfortunately, our questions have no answers, as Simon Kinberg is once again moving forward with the reboot project. Scroll on for all the depressing details.

This is a project that’s been off-and-on for a while now. Hell, at one time Bryan Singer was being brought in to direct the reboot. Fate has been merciful in keeping it from entering production so far, but Kinberg has plans to write up a new treatment and send it off to Warner Bros. for approval. If they decide it’s a-go, then another writer will be brought in to finish the final script. So it’s still a long, long ways from happening.

Not to mention that Kinberg has his hands in pretty much every major pot that’s boiling right now. He’s involved with the return to the Star Wars franchise as a writer and a producer and he’s producing a pile of Fox movies, including X-Men: Apocalypse and Deadpool. If he gets the go-ahead for Logan’s Run, that will put him in the Warner Bros. camp as well. And will make him a very busy boy.

There’s also the question of whether the original story will translate well. The plot (for those of you out there who have never seen it) revolves around the ending of peoples’ lives at 30 so that their post-apocalyptic, dystopian city can survive. While being 30 years old may have made people feel like they were heading into the end of their lives back in the mid-70s, today we have a different view on the subject. Hell, people live with their parents until they’re 30 these days. Can Kinberg create something that holds the intent of the original story while still making it accessible to a new generation?

What say the Nerd Readers? Is this an unholy act that should result in Kinberg being drawn-and-quartered? Or do you have faith that a Logan’s Run reboot might work in this day and age?


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