Geek culture has provided us with trinkets and tchotchkes abound to help bring out the true nerd in ourselves, but let’s be honest: there’s a dearth (Vader?) of pop-culture products aimed at our paw-padded compatriots.  That’s right, our pets need to feel the love of movies, TV, and comics just as much as we do; finally, one company is stepping up and helping out in this arena.  Animal-friendly superstore Petco has recently unleashed a surprisingly-large collection of Star Wars toys and apparel for the furry friend in your life.

You can hyper-jump over to the Petco website and check out the full collection (free shipping on orders of $49 and above, whoo-hoo!), and I’ve included a gallery below of some of my favorites, so you can peruse the geeky goodness from the comfort of this page.  While I’m facetiously bummed out that we have no Captain Phasma Chrome-plated Kong or a mega-size Death Star Trench Run Cat Playhouse, the selection here is pretty damned impressive, so hats are definitely off to the Petco crew.

I’ve got a chihuahua mix, Priscilla, and a german shepherd mix, Izzy, here at home that will almost assuredly be getting the Yoda and Rebel Pilot outfits, respectively; how about you readers?  Any animals at home that will soon be getting new play toys or having adorable outfits Force-d upon them?

via: ComicBook.com

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