While there’s still a ton of time to kill before the March 25th premiere date of Zack Snyder‘s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, the PR machine at Warner Bros. isn’t letting anyone forget this movie is on the way. It isn’t another trailer, but there are some new pictures floating around the web courtesy of Empire Magazine.

Check out the gallery below which features the new “Secret Identities” cover, and some shots we haven’t really seen in a trailer or clip yet.

Wayne Manor has seen better days hasn’t it? I imagine the Batcave might be a little tidier. Check out the fancy hand scanner, I guess finding Alfred in the Bat-Suit dancing to Miley CyrusWrecking Ball didn’t go over so well with Bruce.

There’s gonna be a ton of supporting characters this time around too, from both characters mythos. I wonder if we might get a glimpse of Wonder Woman’s Island or perhaps her mother at some point.

There will be more and these pictures will most likely be released in high def soon. Check back to check those out.

Via: Empire

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