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Deadpool was the take away hit at San Diego Comic Con. It was the only footage shown in which fans (6,000 strong) chanted “one more time, one more time!”. Naturally, the R Rated trailer shown at Comic Con was leaked online immediately afterwards. Despite the shaky cam footage that looked like it was shot between some dudes butt cheeks, the footage went viral. Fans were lovin’ the action, the costume, and the onslaught of verbal quips. It was perfect! Figuring that FOX had no way of stopping the leak, it was assumed they would have released the footage online in all its glory. Except they didn’t. It’s now been approx. 3 weeks since Comic Con… where’s the damn footage?

It’s coming. Soon! Check after the break for the official release details… 

The Deadpool trailer will be dropped theatrically with the Fantastic Four opening this weekend and virally Tuesday August 4th. Furthermore, Ryan Reynolds, will be speaking with TBS’s Late Night Red-Headed Ginger Conan O’Brien, August 4th about the new trailer. Team CoCo had this to say:

Ryan Reynolds debuts the new redband trailer for “Deadpool.” We’re filling up his dressing room with chimichangas in anticipation.

We can surmise that what will be released online and in theaters will be different than what was shown at Comic Con. Surely, there will similar footage, but lines like “you look like a an avocado fucked another avocado” will be dropped for theatrical release. It should be noted that there may be in fact 2 trailers – a Greenband one for theaters and a Red Band trailer exclusively for Conan.

Rest assured,  we will be looking at more foul-spiced humor, death and blood and lots of it, and primarily more of the deranged demented crimson anti-hero we have all come to worship.

The trailer debuts August 4th and dares to be taco-tastic. Look for it!

The Marvel Comic movie Deadpool, tells the origins of the Special Forces agent Wade Wilson transformed into the sword wielding mercenary post radical experimentation parting him regenerative healing powers and the alter ego of Deadpool. Quick sadistic wit and foul humor, Deadpool stalks the man who  decimated his previous life.

Deadpool hits theaters February 12, 2016.

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