Ian McShane (Deadwood, John Wick) has been cast in an unknown role for HBO‘s hit series Game of Thrones. I’m gonna just let that sink in for a moment. McShane is a personal favorite of mine and many others I’m sure. What role might he be playing?deadwood_al_swearengen_ian_mcshane_desktop_1400x972_wallpaper-223941

Winter may be coming, but everybody better get ready because Mutherflipping Al Swearengen is headed to Westeros and the seven kingdoms may never be the same again. I might just have to rethink who I’m betting on ending up sitting on the Iron Throne now.

There’s no word on what role he is going to play, and rumor has him only appearing for a short time during this season, but that same source says that the role he is playing is of “Key importance.”

There’s two more seasons to go after season six so that leaves plenty of time for McShane’s character to wreak havoc. I truly hope that McShane’s character comes up against Peter Dinklage‘s Tyrion Lannister. I’d love to seem them at their best together!

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