Starting with Arrow and The Flash, the CW is building quite the formidable television universe for DC comics. And they’re not done yet; this universe is set to expand with DC’S Legends of Tomorrow, a spin-off series with potential to be DC’s largest television series in scale as of yet. New and old characters will be featured, with some of the new faces belonging to Rip Hunter (Arthur Davill), Jay Jackson (Franz Drameh) and Kendra Saunders, otherwise known as Hawkgirl (Ciara Renee). The latest name to be added to the roster is Falk Hentschel, as Variety magazine has reported, who has been cast as Carter Hall, or, Hawkman.

It’s unknown which version of Carter Hall’s backstory is going to be used, but the arguably more widely known story is that Hall, the reincarnation of an Egyptian prince, can call upon the power of Horus, the ancient Egyptian Hawk god, and through this power transform into Hawkman. This version of his backstory also entails that he is destined to be reborn throughout history alongside Hawkgirl, his soulmate. Another possible backstory they could go with would have us find him as a law enforcement officer from planet Thangar.

Hawkman’s presence has been fan-demanded, and while Hentschel isn’t that recognizable of a name, it seems like the DC TV Universe knows what it’s doing. The stage will be pretty much set for Hawkman when he swoops on in.

Arrow and The Flash hold premiere dates of October 6th and 7th on the CW, a number of months prior to DC’s Legends of Tomorrow.

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