HBO‘s Game of Thrones is taking a different approach to casting for season six of the series. Usually, they cast a relative unknown who then goes on to be incredible and make themselves known to the world. For this sixth season HBO is bringing out the big casting guns with the addition of Ian McShane (Deadwood) last week and now Max Von (OMG!!!) Sydow. What role might he be playing?

*Spoiler warning if you don’t really want to know, don’t click-through.


Word is that Max Von Sydow will take on the role of the Three Eyed Raven/Tree-Man. The Three Eyed Raven was absent from season five, because the showrunners had already reached the point where Bran and company had been in the latest book. Now the production is moving beyond that material and in season six we’ll return to Bran and Hodor’s story.

The There Eyed Raven was played by Struan Rodger when we first saw him in season four, but indications are that the role has been recast with Sydow so he won’t just be taking over the voicing of the Three Eyed Raven like what he did for Vigo in Ghostbusters II, but the entire role as the Three Eyed Raven teaches Bran about his new position and powers.

What do you think of this recasting?

Max Von Sydow is no stranger to Sword and sorcery fantasy, remember he played King Osric in Conan. In this deleted death scene you can also see he should fit right in with the rest of the cast in Game Of Thrones, ready to die at any moment.

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