After already spending $20 million, incurring hundreds of millions of dollars of debt, and losing a confirmed 75 people (a fifth of their total staff), Relativity Media has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.  The hits just keep coming for Relativity as they try to get their big screen reboot of The Crow off the ground. Based on the comic by James O’Barr, we already saw one variation of a Crow film in 1994, but this reboot seemed pretty promising- at first. Now, however, the losses are piling up;  and there may be nothing to show for it in the end.

With pre-production at a stand-still, it’s a little unclear what the vibe is behind the scenes. Lead actor Jack Huston has walked out on the project, citing conflicting schedules as his reasoning, while Luke Evans, whose name was previously attached to the lead role, bowed out at the start of 2015 because he just couldn’t wait much longer for filming to start.

A source from Relativity reportedly claimed, “we continue to be excited by The Crow.” But that’s a hard pill to swallow after learning just how much more dire things have become. An entire production team and several other heads of department left the project this week; an ill omen for director Corin Hardy, who was hoping to begin shooting in the fall.

There’s also the possibility that The Crow could take off with another studio instead- Relativity has started selling some of their properties off to other production companies. STX Enternainment how has Out of This World, a teen romance starring Asa Butterfield; and the rights to an in-development young adult adaptation of The Tribes of Paols Verdes are now back with the movie’s producers.

Official statements have yet to be made from Relativity to address the reports that have been surfacing these past few days, but it sure seems like a no-go. As far as lucrative comic book properties go, The Crow doesn’t seem to have that great of a standing. It’s creepy ambiance and characters would be pretty wild to see redone and on the big screen with all the technological and visual advancements we have now. This is the farthest the project has ever gotten, however, and it’s still not far at all. More official updates will most likely be coming soon.

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