In what many will say is too little too late, FOX is actually using one of their licensed Marvel characters to promote another set of their Marvel characters movie. Before at most you might get the banner “From the studio that brought you X-Men: Days of Future Past!” Now they’ve pulled out all the strings and shoved the Internet’s superhero darling Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds) into the Fantastic Four mix and it just goes to show ya, everything IS better with Deadpool.deadpool_612x380

You can skip to the end to get to the good stuff if you want…

Oh Deadpool, you rapscallion. FOX had better lock down Ryan Reynolds into a very nice and long contract. Deadpool the movie is going to kill and out gross any X-Men movie they’ve ever done. Wolverine might be leaving, but Deadpool is riding in on his white Unicorn to save the day.


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