There is no scenario where Star Wars fans need any more reasons to be excited to play the newest game, Star Wars Battlefront, upon its release onNovember 17. It’s a beautiful, exciting take on combat in the Star Wars universe. Have a pulse? Like things? This game is probably for you. However, EA hasn’t been simply sitting on its hands and waiting to cash in on the hype, as they’ve announced an exciting new mode at Gamescom that will put players in the cockpits of iconic Star Wars crafts, most significantly the mighty millennium falcon! We’ve got the details for you right here, loyal nerds.

Let’s start with this kickass trailer. Have a clean pair of pants handy.

Does that not look like something you want to be doing right now!? The 20 player dogfights would be enough for a full game on their own, and many Star Wars fans have been clamoring for such a game for a long time. Those mad bastards will be including this as just one of many modes in Star Wars Battlefront. X-Wings, TIE Fighters, and that glorious bastard the millennium falcon, all piloted by players, all battling for supremacy.

The game’s senior producer, Sigurlina Ingvarsdottir, had this to say on the cool new mode:

“Fighter Squadron will put you inside the cockpit of some of the most memorable vehicles ever seen in the Star Warsgalaxy. We want to give fans the thrill of living out their Star Wars battle fantasies in a game that is authentic, visually stunning and fun.”

Sounds pretty damn convincing to me, but what do you think? Is the force strong with this one? Are you going to take the plunge for the pre-order or waiting to see if EA manages to screw this one up too? Be a part of the conversation in the comments section!

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