Nothing starts a morning off right like news of badass ladies up for a badass role in a badass movie. The shortlist is out for the female lead in Gambit, and it does not disappoint. Among the trio of names is Rebecca Ferguson, who you may have most recently spotted in Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation. And spoiler alert: Ferguson isn’t the only Mission Impossible alum on the list!

Deadline brings us the reports of the Bella Donna Boudreaux candidates; this leading lady being a character with a very strong and complicated tie to our leading man. Gambit was raised by the Thieves Guild; and while he and Bella Donna started out as childhood friends, things got trickier as they (and their feelings) matured- being as she’s the daughter of the rival Assassin’s Guild.  Here’s the shortlist:

  • Rebecca Ferguson, of Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation and The White Queen.
  • Lea Seydoux, of Blue Is the Warmest Color, Spectre, and, lest we forget, Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol.
  • Abbey Lee, of Mad Max: Fury Road and the forthcoming Nicolas Winding Refn film The Neon Demon.

These women make quite the formidable talent pool. Now going by X-Men lore, Bella Donna grows up to head the Assassin’s Guild herself, so this role has the potential to be pretty action-heavy. Whichever actress they choose will need to have that powerful, commanding vibe, as she will probably doing just that: powerfully commanding assassins (herself included).

Channing Tatum is set to star as Remy LeBeau, aka Gambit: a skilled thief, fighter, and card thrower (a skill that turns deadly when mixed with his mutant power to create and control kinetic energy.) Rupert Wyatt will direct, and a release date has been set for October 7, 2017.

Source: SlashFilm

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