Star Wars Rogue One Anthology directed by Gareth Edwards (Monsters, Godzilla) has begun shooting in London at Elstree Studios. Pictures from that set are making the Internet rounds today with a good look at some old school Stormtroopers, weapons, and vehicle entrances.

Here’s the gallery of on set pictures:

It worth noting that this is the Star Wars film that Josh Trank had signed on to direct before all the craziness of the Fantastic Four on set rumors started to fly around the Internet. While most people believe Trank was kicked off the project, Lucasfilm and Trank officially released a joint statement saying he wanted to pursue: “original creative opportunities.”

Was this the right move by Lucasfilm? Some might look at the final product of what the Fantastic Four became, a dud of epic proportions and say that Disney dodged a bullet getting rid of Trank. I think FOX Studio had a lot more to do with the train wreck that the Fantastic Four became after editing.Word is getting around that right before shooting began pulled three big action sets from the production, controlled the reshoots material, and that during editing basically kicked Trank out when it came to the third act editing. Perhaps Trank wouldn’t have had those same problems with Lucasfilm.

All that aside, those on set pictures just reinforces the standard that J.J. Abrams has kept about practical effects and set pieces. It’s good to see that promise moving through to the other Star Wars films.

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