After Warner Bros. announced that New Line Cinema would be handling all the DC Comics Vertigo titles development back in June, many have wondered which titles would get the big screen treatment. At the time of that announcement, Warner passed New Line the already in production Joseph Gordon Levitt’s Sandman film. Now you can add 100 Bullets, created by Brian Azzarello and Eduardo Risso, to the budding list of Vertigo movie titles. Word is making the Internet rounds that Tom Hardy ( Mad Max: Fury Road, Warrior) has joined the 100 Bullets team as a producer and is in talks to take a starring role.100-Bullets

There have been 13 collected story lines for 100 Bullets, but it all boils down to people with reasons to want revenge, given a gun and 100 bullets and the opportunity to do anything they want with that gun without fear of being held legally accountable.

The production’s screenplay was written by Chris Borrelli (The Vatican Tapes) and it is reported to hold true to the comics, although which story line takes center stage is still unclear at this point. This isn’t the first adaptation of 100 Bullets, there was an ill-fated Showtime television series written and produced by David Goyer that never made it to actual shooting. Showtime backed away because of the timing and some real life mass shootings.

100 Bullets should translate well to the big screen and which ever role Hardy ends up playing should work out. I’m not sure there is a franchise style big summer block buster there, but I am sure that audiences would enjoy series.

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