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Disney is well-known for driving their franchises right to the bank. If they can make a sequel to a movie, chances are they will. And nowhere is this more prevalent than among their Pixar films. So prepare yourselves for another dose of movies that you may or may not care about with this D23 Expo poster reveal. Scroll on to see the first imagery being used to promote Cars 3, Toy Story 4, The Incredibles 2 and Finding Dory.

First up, Cars 3:

Cars 3

Now here’s some Toy Story 4:

Toy story 4

On to The Incredibles 2:

Incredibles 2

And, last but not least, Finding Dory (that’s the sequel to Finding Nemo, just in case you can’t figure it out for yourself):

Finding Dory

They don’t look like much, but their presence does signal the coming of another chapter of each of these series. So get excited (or don’t) and expect something more substantial to emerge before too long.


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