Marvel Studios gets all the glamour with their movie series, but without a doubt, Warner Bros and DC Entertainment presently own the TV side of things. The upcoming television season will feature the return of Arrow, The Flash, Gotham, and iZombie, which will be joined by Supergirl, Legends of Tomorrow, and eventually, Titans. Room to grow? Absolutely! In Hollywood, success breeds opportunity, so why would DC Entertainment stop at just seven series across four networks? To that end, some fascination news today. DC Entertainment has a pilot approved for production at NBC. The hook? It’s a single-camera, work-place comedy a la The Office. Color me intrigued…

According to Deadline, Ben Queen, who created the now cancelled comedy A to Z for NBC, has successfully pitched the series pilot for Powerless to the network. It’s conceit is that it’s a comedy set at one of the “worst insurance companies in America.” It will include DC Comics characters, which ones are not yet known, although Deadline is sure that headliners like Superman and Batman won’t be among them. And it will be single-camera like The Office, Parks and Rec, or Modern Family. (Whether or not they’ll also carry the mockumentary format as well is not yet known.)

The Deadline article emphasized the series will follow the power-less, as in people who aren’t superheroes, super-villains, or people who have regular contact with superheroes and super-villains like, say, Lois Lane or Alfred Pennyworth. It will focus instead on stories about what it’s like to be normal in the a world full of abnormal. Sort of what they said Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. was going to be about except, you know, funny.

The insurance company angle is interesting, it kind of makes Powerless sound like Damage Control, a Marvel Comic about a company that comes in and cleans up the mess after major superhero fights. Being labelled one of the “worst” companies probably means that they have a lot of policies out in Metropolis, Gotham City, and Coast City, all the popular places for smashing, doomsday scenarios and apocalyptic events. The show should be able to make great fodder of the events of Man of Steel, and the annual spring attack on Starling City on Arrow.

No indication on when exactly Powerless will make it to air, but it’s likely that it will be prepared for the 2016/17 TV season. We’ll have more news on Powerless as it comes in.

Source: Deadline

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