Men in Black was one of the biggest successes of the 90s, affirming both the then-ascending stardom of Will Smith and America’s love of whacky aliens. There were two sequels to Men in Black, of course, the last one released in 2012, but for whatever reason, those just weren’t as popular as that initial film. That’s why this is vexing. Air New Zealand, an airline based in the land of the kiwi bird and Peter Jackson, has posted a big budget safety video done to the theme of Smith’s title song/rap to Men in Black, and featuring all the Men in Black costumes, props, trappings, and aliens.

Here. Come. The Men in Black. Safety Protectors! [clapclap]

So that’s a lot of effort for a safety video, am I right? The detail’s pretty good though, so clearly everyone behind the scenes did their homework, and kudos for the cameos by MiB boss Rip Torn and several of the various aliens featured in the films, otherwise the only celebrity cameos are from rugby players like David Campese, Martin Johnson and Agustin Pichot. Sorry to all you Smith and Tommy Lee Jones fans that wanted to see them suit up again.

There’s no word on whether or not Sony had any influence, or lent any support to the production, it might have been in their interest to do so though because unless there’s a tremendous ground swell of support, this will likely by the last time we get a new Men in Black movie for a while. (Unless that crossover with 21 Jump Street happens, and, let’s face it, we all hope it will.)

The Men in Black video will be appearing soon on an Air New Zealand flight near you.

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