Bob Gales Rad ‘Back to the Future’ Collection


Bob Gale, the writer and co-creator of the BTTF franchise is into collecting movie props. What kind of props you may ask? Why of course, it’s from some of our most beloved films of all time, the Back To The Future franchise. What does ol’ Bob have in his collection?

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Bob Gale has more than a few near sacred objects for all BTTF fans. Among his swag is the Marty’s hoverboard, a flux capacitor (albeit from the now-defunct BTTF ride at Universal), not to mention an original set of time circuits from the destroyed Delorean from BTTF 3.

Pretty sweet, huh? We’re just wanting to know where that REAL flux capacitor is, not that movie prop business. We have a few things to take care of *cough* caveman hookers *cough*.

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