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Marvel has released the short origin story prequels of Groot, Star-Lord, and Rocket Raccoon already in preparation of the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy Animated Series, and now the time has come for us to take a closer look at the story of Drax the Destroyer. You’ll remember him as the very literal, revenge-bent force to be reckoned with, albeit with a lesser seen caring and loyal side. Although the videos don’t follow the same timeline as the film, Drax still proves to be very much the same.

If you were planning on watching the 2-part videos on your own and don’t want spoilers, stop reading here! The first of the two-part story opens in what appears to be a fighting pit of sorts, where Drax is, well, destroying his competition. The fighting pit seems to be for the entertainment of Ronan the Accuser, who we see looking down on the activities. After a few impressive wins, Drax is preparing for his next battle when a young girl confronts him. The girl explains that her father is Drax’s next opponent, and beseeches Drax to let him win. Showing a holographic image of himself, a woman, and a child to the girl, he explains that he will not lose to her father, but he will not hurt him. Drax is true to his word and the girl’s father ends up losing after thoroughly exhausting himself trying to hurt Drax. Ronan announces Drax as the victor, and announces that all the creatures he defeated will be sold into slavery. The clip ends with guards holding the young daughter back as her father is made to board a ship with the others.

The second part of the story shows more of Drax’s softer side, and even some humor, thanks to his extremely literal nature (“Why have you shown your face?” “Because I have removed my helmet.”). Long story short, Drax takes out all of Ronan’s men, and Ronan decides that one rogue ship of “insignificants” isn’t enough to go to war with Nova Core over. When the ship reaches Nova Core, Drax exchanges himself in return for the safe return of all the other passengers to their home planets. The ending scene shows Drax being arrested, vowing “Never again, Ronan. Never again.”

You can catch Disney XD’s animated Guardians of the Galaxy series premier on September 26th at 9:30 PM ET. Vocal talents include Will Friedle (Star-Lord), Trevor Devall (Rocket Raccoon), Kevin Michael Richardson (Groot), Vanessa Marshall (Gamora), David Sobolov (Drax the Destroyer), and James Arnold Taylor (Yondu).

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