The Joker—Gotham’s Savior?


An intriguing new fan theory posits that The Joker was in fact the true savior of Gotham City. It must be a testament to the depth of Ledger’s performance that we could still be developing theories; but this one is a doozy. Seriously, it’ll make you re think the entire Nolan-verse.

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Redditor GeneralZee blew the collective minds of the internet when he dropped this shocker. He states that the man without a plan actually had the best plan in history. According to this theory, Joker not only personally eliminated all organized crime, he also ran Batman into an early retirement. For instance:

The very first thing we see Joker do is rob a mafia controlled bank, eliminating the entire team of expert bank robbers who helped him pull it off. Of course, the robbery wasn’t about the money, it was about luring Lau out of hiding, preferably with all the major crime families’ collective money.

This works beautifully, and as Joker predicts, Batman goes to Hong Kong to “Extradite” Lau. Now Lau is in a safe place which Joker can, amazingly, access with ease. This of course is all just the plot of the film, but Joker is playing it amazingly, murdering key criminals and corrupt officials that could help insulate those at the top. Dent actually argues FOR insulating the men on the top in the interest of cleaning the streets of lower-level goons, but Joker knows that won’t work in the long-term.

Not only that, Zee deftly points out how Joker made Batman retire and take up room archery:


I don’t know if Joker actually intended for Harvey to be so physically scarred by the explosion from which Batman saved him, but I am certain that he wanted Harvey to feel the full pain of Rachel’s death, which is why he purposely tells Batman to go to the wrong address. He knows what Rachel’s death would do to Harvey psychologically, and that Batman would eventually have no choice but to kill Harvey. This breaks Batman psychologically, and also makes him a villain, a true villain, the kind that abandons his own principles. Batman now has no choice but to disappear, leaving his memory to fade into something of urban legend by the time of TDKR.

So there you have it. This is just a small sampling, mind you, of this extensive and thorough investigation by GeneralZee. For the full Reddit post, dig here.

Really makes you think, huh? Perhaps next, someone will try to figure out just why Bane does an Adam Sandler impression before the prison breakout.

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