There’s no shortage of superheroes on TV, and we don’t just mean the ones that topline their own shows. Nope, if you have a superhero show, it’s just an invitation to have more superheroes come and help save the day because that’s just the way it goes. Arrow welcomed Black Canary, The Flash ushered in Firestorm, and it sounds like Supergirl will play host to Red Tornado some point later this fall. Long a member of the expansive DC Comics family of heroes, Red Tornado’s never really gotten his due, but maybe now, with the help of the Girl of Steel, he can get his 15 minutes of mainstream fame.

CBS itself announced the casting of Iddo Goldberg, most recently a regular on Salem and Mob City, as Red Tornado. Like many DC Comics, Red Tornado has a complicated history, but basically he’s an android created by the villain T.O. Morrow that is merged with the consciousness of an alien called the “Tornado Tyrant” Ulthoon. From there, he joins the Justice Society, and later the Justice League, and in the nearly 50 years since his creation, he’s been destroyed and rebuilt many, many times.

On Supergirl, Tornado will still be an android created by Morrow, but Morrow will be a government scientist who creates the Red Tornado with nefarious intent. When Tornado breaks free of government control, only Supergirl will be able to stop him before he destroys National City. No word though on when the Red Tornado episode is expected to air though.

Supergirl the series will begin at a special time on October 26 on CBS.

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