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As the rumor mill began to swirl surrounding the upcoming Star Wars films, Benicio Del Toro was caught up in the mix. He initially confirmed that he would be in the next episode, but was mum on whether his character was on the light or dark side.  Well, he’s broken the ice.

Speaking with a Spanish outlet at, del Toro was asked what he has coming up on his schedule, and he again confirmed that he has a role in the movie, but also added this Harrison Ford type of vagueness about his role and reveals when filming begins:

Benicio Del Toro: *pause* Star Wars is coming up, we will see how that turns out. I think we start shooting in March.

Interviewer: And what’s your role in this new Star Wars chapter?

Benicio: Ehhh…. the thing is…. They don’t let me talk too much about it, I’m like the villain.
Interviewer: Oh wow!

Benicio: But…. we’ll see…*laughs*

StarWars7News notes that the reader who pointed to this interview and translated it to English notes that del Toro’s language indicates uncertainty about his role as the villain. The phrase he uses in the interview is “es como el villano” which translates to ““he is like the villain.”

Wonder of “like a villain” means? Will he be playing an evil guy, who ultimately sides with the good guys?

In any case, his comments just leads to more speculation about who might live or die, or change sides, etc. In a film universe filled with surprise reveals though,   we could be in for a shock or two.

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