Well, the internet seems to think there is… This morning a picture started making the rounds on Reddit (and we all know that they can’t post something there if it’s not true…) reportedly from an alleged Warner Bros. Animation office of some kind showing what appears to be posters of possible animated productions that the studio may or may not be producing. One of these supposed posters features what could possible be an indication of what could be an all new Justice League cartoon… Begin wild speculation now!



As you can see for yourself, every poster there save for the JLA one on the far right is from a current or forthcoming WB cartoon (yes, there are new Scooby-Doo and Bugs Bunny cartoons coming out later this year) and it does sorta-kinda look like an animation studio office wall… right? So this has to be real! Please make it be real.

If you analyze and compare the silhouettes in the poster to previous animated iterations of the DC Comics property (which I just spent the past 20 minutes doing) they don’t appear to be from the current slate of New 52 inspired direct to DVD shared universe movies or the long loved and never forgotten Bruce Timm led DCAU series. If anything they bear more than a passing resemblance to the characters as they appear in the unfortunately long since canceled Young Justice.  Couple that with the basic fact that there as never been a cartoon specifically called JLA (or Justice League America for that matter,) and this could possibly be a clear indication that DC/WB could have a new cartoon based on the superhero team in the works.

Since we are speculating here, if this is legit and if it was somehow tied to the previously mentioned Young Justice cartoon universe which was fantastic… I think we could at long last have a successor to the Timmverse Justice League/Justice League Unlimited. Or perhaps this could be some new never before seen version of the super hero team. Or perhaps we just spent the last few minutes speculating over some posters that are just hanging in some redditors basement and it’s all a hoax.

On the off chance that that latter is true… dude, what is up with that carpet?



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