As the world draws closer and closer to March 25, 2016, more questions are arising with respect to DC’s Expanded Universe than answers.  Is Suicide Squad’s Joker really Jason Todd? Will Wonder Woman play a big enough part in Batman v. Superman to sate those Amazonian sized appetites?  Will Ben Affleck give audiences the hero they deserve?  While we may have an answer to that last one, thanks to Heroic Hollywood (more on that in a moment), we know very little about the rest of the universe that Warner Brothers and DC are creating on screen.  Sure, with comic book movies the secrecy behind creating the film is often discussed more than the movies themselves, but what if there is a really good reason for keeping their cards close to the vest?  Of course, it would have to be a very good reason, right? I mean a WHOPPER of a secret, right?  Well, what if that secret is right in front of our noses?  What if Superman’s death has already been teased?  Possible spoilers ahead.


Since production of BvS began, the focus has revolved around Ben Affleck’s involvement with the DC Expanded Universe.  Most recently, there was a report that a screening of the film received a standing ovation during its first screening (let’s ignore the fact that the entire audience was comprised of those that would benefit from a good movie and really wanted to pat themselves on the back), and it was announced that Affleck would be returning to the cowl in at least one upcoming stand-alone Batman flick, in addition to the two Justice League movies that are currently slated.  As a matter of fact, according to Heroic Hollywood, WB may actually want to cut out some of the Big Blue Boy and add a bit more Dark Knight:

“Warners is requesting more Batman be put into the movie and less Superman. Supposedly, Ben Affleck’s Batman is so good that he is blowing Henry Cavill’s Superman right off the screen.”

Of course, this information is coming to you third-hand (fourth, at this point), so take it as you will, but this makes sense, once you take into consideration that Superman may not be in this universe quite as much as audiences first assumed.  As a matter of fact, there are multiple signs pointing to Supe’s death by the made-for-survival villain, Doomsday.  Did you miss these signs?  Don’t worry, you aren’t alone, and chances are that if this is the route that WB is going, that misdirection was intentional.  So, what are the signs pointing to Clark Kent’s untimely demise?  Here are three big clues that we have noticed that may point to the death of Superman.

No New Man of Steel On DC’s Slate


DC’s new slate of upcoming films includes plenty of fan favorite superheroes, including Cyborg, Aquaman, Green Lantern(s), and The Flash, as well as a stand-alone Wonder Woman movie and the stand-alone Batman movie.  Did you notice what was missing?  If you noticed that there is no new Man of Steel movie listed, you get the kewpie doll!  Word around the campfire has it that WB really has no interest in producing another stand-alone Superman flick at this point.  Why is that?  After all, Cavill is a very capable actor who definitely wears the Superman suit much better than at least two of his predecessors.  His chiseled features are almost straight out of the comic books and even the manliest of men swoon a bit when looking into those deep blue eyes.  So, why take Superman out of the equation?  It is possible that WB is playing it safe and waiting on the reception from BvS before committing to a new Superman film but considering their entire slate of comic book movies rests on the shoulders of BvS but WB has not had a problem announcing those, there may be a bit more at play here.



Alright, spoilers ahead for anyone who managed to miss the Death of Superman storyline over the past 20 years.  Back in the 90’s, DC Comics did the unthinkable – they killed Superman.  In order to kill Superman, the writers needed a creature that could not be stopped; someone that could conceivably beat Superman; someone who was built to kill.  Enter Doomsday.  Doomsday is a result of biological engineering and, without going too deeply into the character, he is constantly being reborn with an invulnerability to the thing that managed to take him out the last time. Imagine that your peanut allergy killed you, then you were reborn as the peanut-butter-eatingist being on the planet.  That’s basically Doomsday.

Since the beginning of production, rumors about Doomsday’s involvement in BvS has continued to swirl and recently, actor Michael Shannon, who will appear in BvS in some capacity, seemed to have confirmed the appearance of the character.  In addition, it is rumored that Wonder Woman will have an epic fight with the big baddie in the film in the third act and that the Amazon warrior chops off the villain’s hand, just to have it grow back as a “bone blade”.  No, this is not something that Doomsday can typically do but considering Doomsday will likely be a resurrected and modified Zod, this doesn’t seem too far fetched, especially when looking at Doomsday.  Hell, most of what he is can be considered “bone blade”!  The clues scattered throughout the trailer for BvS do seem to support this theory.  Which clues?  Well, here are two strong clues but feel free to scour the trailer at the bottom for your own!


Batman or Superman throwing Wonder Woman against a wall so hard that it shatters isn’t the most chivalrous move, so it is likely that the villain of the piece may be the one throwing that punch.


That’s a pretty crazy laser blast trying to take Batman out, amirite?  Considering this is almost definitely a kill shot and not a warning, and the width of the beam when compared to Superman’s laser vision, it becomes pretty apparent that the heroes are fighting something pretty big here.



Sure, Batman has been the biggest comic book money maker for WB but the fact that audiences may see upwards of six Batman appearances throughout several movies before seeing Superman in a third film really does speak volumes.  After BvS, the next time audiences MAY see Superman is in the Justice League movie, which hits screens on November 17, 2017.  Everyone has assumed that Superman is the natural head of the Justice League, so it kind of goes without saying that he will be in Justice League, right? Wrong. There are plenty of instances in which Batman takes the reins and guides the group through whatever villainous attack may be plaguing the planet at the time.  Depending on who you speak with, the DC Expanded Universe may be headed to either Kingdom Come or Injustice, and if WB does decide to move forward with a Gods Among Us type storyline, it would definitely explain the Superman “troops” in the new trailer, as well as placing Batman squarely at the front of the League.  Or, consider this for a moment, what if the Justice League movie is all about bringing Superman back from the “dead”?  Stranger things have happened.


Is any of this definitive evidence that Superman is going to die? Nah, but it definitely seems to point in that direction.  Of course, all will be told on March 25, 2016, but until then, feel free to relive this trailer over and over and let us know if you find more clues!

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