Sign the order to terminate our wallets.  Devon watch brand has released a Darth Vader themed watch in preparation for The Force Awakens, but even the most hard-core Star Wars fans might hesitate before this purchase.  The reason?  A $28,000 price tag.

So why is the price so steep?  Here’s a rundown of its details.  This watch has Tie Fighter wings attached to it, and is adorned with the Imperial crest on its crown, with spikes beside it akin to those on Darth Vader’s chest-mounted center console.  The watch face houses a constantly moving belt in place of a seconds hand.

Another factor that must add to the hefty price tag is the fact that only 500 of these watches will be built over the next two years.  Talk about supply and demand!

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The Force Awakens hits theaters December 18th; will you be checking one of these mini odes to Vader during the previews?

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