Game of Thrones is arguably one of the best television series to hit cable in years.  It is a series that transcends genres, blending equal parts fantasy, action, and historical fiction, all while maintaining several storylines for audiences to bite into.  Two of the aspects that initially draw viewers to the series, however, are the depictions of sex and violence, which can be rather explicit and fairly realistic.  Those actors who decide to join the show are generally assumed to feel comfortable with this nudity and blood; after all, they did sign up for the series and one would assume that the actors would understand what they were getting into.  Well, for one Mother of Dragons, this isn’t the case, and actress Emilia Clarke has opted to skip nude scenes involving her character.  Well, now Clark has a few more words to say about sex on television and, as you may guess, they are not in support.


You no doubt have noticed that Daenerys Targaryen is one of the few female characters in Game of Thrones that has remained fully clothed for the past two seasons.  For those that are unaware, this is a result of Daenerys actress Emilia Clarke informing GoT showrunners that she “wanted to be known for my acting, not my breasts.”  Well, in a recent interview with Daily Mail, Clarke went on to take another stab at nudity in television.

“Sex scenes should be more subtle. I’m British, so I cringe at that sort of thing anyway — I can’t stand it…I don’t want to have sex thrown in my face and I’ve always thought the suggestion is so much more titillating than the act itself. Most sex scenes you see in films or on TV are gratuitous and they’re usually just to attract an audience. On screen, the subtler the better.”

Clarke does make a good point here. After all, as mentioned, GoT’s sex scenes and violence are a big part of what initially attracts new viewers to the series.  Sure, once new viewers start watching for the sex and violence, they stay for the wonderful storytelling and gorgeous sets, not to mention phenomenal acting, but it is that explicit content that first draws viewers.  On the other side of that, Daenerys’s character arc over the past two seasons has been amazingly badass and her bare breasts aren’t missed.  That being said, since nudity IS a main part of the series, one would think that Clarke, who has made a name for herself thanks to her GoT character, wouldn’t be so quick to bite the hand that feeds.


There are plenty of people across the globe that agree with Clarke or, at least, would appreciate a bit more male nudity to even things out, which is a fair request.  However, this is a bit like Jim Carrey’s outburst against Kick Ass 2’s violence, after he decided to take part in the film.  Yes, money talks, but if you have values that you hold dear, taking part in a movie or television series that prominently displays those things which you cannot stand with may not be the best move in Hollywood.  Especially, if you sign on knowing that there will be certain things that you are not comfortable doing, just to denounce the action later. After all, fans of Shia LaBeouf can trace the beginning of his downfall to his comments regarding the less-than-worthy addition to the Indiana Jones Saga, The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.  Sure, he’s gone a bit off the rails since then but some believe that he had no choice, once Hollywood realized that he could not be counted on to support his projects.  Will Clarke follow the same path?  Not likely but in Hollywood, it’s all about being a great salesperson and right now, Clarke isn’t the best salesperson for Game of Thrones, even if she doesn’t explicitly name the series in her complaints.

At the end of the day, it’s fair to assume that if GoT never showed another scene that featured gratuitous, or even “necessary”, nudity, the show would go on.  After all, it’s one of the most popular television series’ on cable television and fans of the show truly care about where the story is going more than seeing what Jon Snow or Sansa Stark may have under their clothes.  Well, most of the fans, anyway.

Do you feel that there is too much focus on nudity and sex in Game of Thrones? Or, do you feel that Clarke is being a bit judgmental?


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