Word around the Internet Water-cooler today is that 63-year-old fan favorite Mark Hamill (Star Wars, The Kingsman, Animated Joker voice) almost took a deathly tumble-down the Skellig Michael Stairs while filming on the historic island. The island contains a fascinating 6th century Christian monastery, but visitors have to climb a fairly treacherous set of 618 crumbling steps to get there.

In 2009, two tourists fell to their deaths, prompting the addition of the red chains in the picture above. The Times reports that Hamill tripped while climbing the stairs and without the quick action of the Irish Office of Public Works Guide, might have taken a fatal fall.


The Times also reports that Lucasfilm producers film notes included:

Our lead actor is in his Sixties and less agile than most.

An eyewitness is said to have called Hamill “a goner” if the guide had not caught his fall. This occurred when the production was filming on the island back in July and August.

Star Wars Episode VIII is currently filming on that same location with a cast and crew of 50.

We’re all glad that Hamill is fine and avoided falling to his death. I for one am looking forward to seeing Hamill at conventions for years to come talking about the new star wars movies.

Hamill hasn’t discussed the moment that I have been able to find, but you know with this story making the Internet rounds someone is sure to ask him about it.

Via: The Times

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