Next time we see Jon Snow’s best pal Sam Tarly (John Bradley-West), he’ll probably be sporting that trademark frowning face because it seems the whole Tarly family is coming for an extended visit. That’s right Poppa, Momma, and his little sister will be joining his already announced brother Dickon played by  Freddie Stroma (Harry Potter) for season six of Game of Thrones. Who did HBO cast for these roles?H5aWhQ1

From left to right we’ve got Samantha Spiro (From Hell) as Sam’s loving and understanding mother Melessa, James Faulkner (X-Men: First Class) as Sam’s demanding father Randyll, and Rebecca Benson (Macbeth) as little sister Talla.


Here’s a couple facts about House Tarly:

House Motto – First in Battle

Powerful Vassel house pledged to House Tyrell of Highgarden

Family still possesses rare Valyrian steel sword called Heartsbane. (Which can kill White Walkers with a single touch.) That will come in handy.

Randyll Tarly is the only man to ever beat Robert Baratheon in battle.
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Via:  Watchers On The Wall

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