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A new international trailer has been released from the hit-making machine that is Disney Pixar. The trailer is for their newest movie, The Good Dinosaur, and features new (and more) footage.  The new scenes show Arlo the Dinosaur and his “pet”, a human called Spot, as they navigate an adventure that is no doubt the crux of the film. 

The preview hits on those classic Disney feels of friends becoming family as they develop deep bonds while working through a tragic event, (which in this case seems to be Arlo getting lost after being separated from a family member).

Here’s a basic translation of the words being flashed during the beginning of the clip:

What would happen if the asteroid

Had not extinguished

The dinosaurs?

One moment

Can change everything.

The Good Dinosaur is directed by Peter Sohn, a longtime Pixar animator and actor.  It hits theaters November 25, 2015.

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