As Hugh Jackman makes the press rounds for his latest film Pan, one can expect him to field a lot of Wolverine Retirement type questions. Jackman is committed to one more Wolverine film and plans to leave the role after that. He will have played the role for 17 years when the third Wolverine film hits theater screens and will remain the person one visualizes when Wolverine comes up in conversation. One of the biggest Wolverine questions out there is, “Who could replace him as Wolverine?”

When asked this question Jackman had this to say:

Jackman joked that:

I don’t want to make it too easy on the studio to replace me.

Even after his eventual replacement, Jackman will still be the standard held up against whoever ends up in the role and we all know someone will step into the role. Fox won’t let this character stay off-screen for long. In fact the replacement story will most likely fuel additional publicity for the movie in which that actor makes their first appearance.

Now Tom Hardy would be a fine choice and his increased popularity after the success of Mad Max: Fury Road certainly doesn’t hurt. He has, or is able to get into shape for the body style needed for the role. Just look at him in Warrior.


Remember that Jackman wasn’t always so cut in the role.


It does make a huge difference in the characters look and adds quite the menacing quality to the role. I mean the guy on the left might hit me, but the guy on the right might crush my skull with one punch. Jackman’s next movie after this Press Junket will be the still untitled Wolverine 3.expected to hit theater screens March 3rd, 2017.


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