In 1979, Walter Hill made a little film called The Warriors, that followed one gang’s perilous journey back to their home turf of Coney Island after being framed for murder by a rival gang.  The movie became a cult classic despite its controversial reception, and earlier this month, some super fans took it upon themselves to organize a festival on Coney Island to celebrate the film.  Rolling Stone was there to film most of the original Warriors on their last subway trip home.

The Warriors have obviously changed a lot in the past 37 years, but the faces of Swan (Michael Beck), Fox (Thomas Waites), Vermin (Terry Michos), Cochise (David Harris) and Cleon (Dorsey Wright) are still obviously recognizable to fans- especially while wearing their “colors” (those iconic Warrior vests).  A good chunk of the Warriors film consisted of them on the subway, so this was the perfect way to commemorate their last trip together.  The scene looked to be a touching one, with the guys reminiscing about how “These subways are different from how they were in 1978!”  At least this time they weren’t being hunted down by enemy gangs bent on revenge.

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