Let’s face it. At some point, or another, fans would eventually have to deal with the idea that not every actor will be around to see the end of Marvel’s movie plans. Making these movies is a serious commitment. Take this for example. When did Captain America: The First Avenger makes it’s debut in theaters? The answer is July 22, 2011. It’s hard to believe that the movie came out over four years ago. The latest installment, Civil War, is due out in the middle of 2016. Of course, don’t forget that Avengers: Infinity War is due out in 2018 and 2019. At that point, Chris Evans would have dedicated almost a decade of his life to one character. So the question becomes, when do you know it’s time to call it quits? One person thinks the answer won’t come anytime soon.

During a panel at Salt Like Comic Con, Anthony Mackie (alongside Chris Evans) had this to say about the pending future of Captain America in the Cinematic Universe,

“I don’t think we need a new Cap. I don’t think Cap needs to change. I think [Bucky’s actor Sebastian Stan] would be a great Cap, but then we’re left without Bucky. I think I’d be a great Cap, but then we’re left without a Falcon.”

If you didn’t know by now, both Falcon and Bucky have taken up the mantel of Captain America whenever Steve Rogers hasn’t been able to. So, in the event that Evans were to walk away from the role, the precedent is there for either Mackie or Sebastian Stan to take on the role as their current character. In fact, that notion didn’t seem too far away just a couple of years ago when Evans said he was ready to move on once his contract was up. However, his feelings have since changed now that Civil War is done filming.

Personally, I’d like it if Evans finished out the Marvel series. Otherwise, it’ll feel like another case of The Hulk with so many actors having played the Big Green Machine. On the other hand, I do understand how much of a commitment it is to accomplish this task. He’s done a good job so far. Whatever his decides to do, I’ll respect it. If he does walk away, though, should they make Falcon or Bucky take on the role or cast a new Steve Rogers?

What do you think of the situation? What if another actor was questioning their future? How would you re-cast The Avengers?

Captain America: Civil War is set to release on May 6, 2016.

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