Remember Fantastic Four? I know it was terrible, but it came out barely two months ago, so you must recall just how harshly and disappointingly it was received by critics, fans, and audiences. Considering how horribly the movie went off the rails, it almost seems like Twentieth Century Fox should have somebody – a creative consultant, if you will – to make sure these kind of mistakes don’t happen. Wait a minute, doesn’t Fox have a creative consultant for their Marvel movies? They do, and it’s Mark Millar, a comic book writer that had no small role in creating Ultimate Fantastic Four, which influenced heavily the direction of the recent movie. So Millar, explain.

“It’s a shame because I think elements of it were good. Some bits were good. I remember the first half in particular works well.” Millar told IGN adding that his mom thinks he’s cool.

“[Josh Trank] is brilliant,” he continued. “Chronicle was my favorite superhero movie in 2012 – and be reminded Avengers was out that year. I really love Chronicle. It’s just a shame sometimes things don’t work out as planned. Nobody goes in hoping it’s not going to work out. Everybody is trying their best and those guys worked their asses off. It didn’t quite come together as well as they hoped, which is a shame.”

Understatement. Fox was hoping Trank would jump-start a new Fantastic Four franchise, one that could crossover with the studio’s X-Men series of films, but now that future is very much in doubt.

“I think everything’s open to discussion,” Millar explained, commenting on the future of Fantastic Four. “No decision I think has been made on anything yet like that. There’s chats everyone’s going to have on the phone at some point, but the Marvel brand is such a powerful brand. Marvel doesn’t always work out great — Thor 2 didn’t work out especially well, Iron Man 2 didn’t work. But then Iron Man 3 comes along and it’s great. These things can be uneven sometimes. Avengers 2 is nowhere near as good as Avengers 1.”

Millar makes a good point, but the important difference is that those movies – Thor: The Dark World, Iron Man 2, and Avengers: Age of Ultron – weren’t complete and total disasters on a critical *and* commercial level. There’s been a number of proposed scenarios as to what might happen to the Fantastic Four next, from going away for a number of years to Fox pressing on with the sequel that’s already scheduled for June 2017. No decisions have yet been made.

One thing’s for sure, everyone is looking for new heroes to get a share of that great big comic book movie money pie. Or is it a bubble? Legendary filmmaker Steven Spielberg recently said that comic book movies will go the way of the Western, and while Millar agrees, he adds that the day isn’t coming soon.

“The human race will go the way of the Western. Everything has to end at some point,” Millar joked. “We’re just going to be atoms. It’s inevitable. I think [the superhero movie genre has] got at least another good five years. The stuff that’s coming up is so strong.”

I guess we’ll see.

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