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At 9:00 AM, news broke in Edmonton, Alberta that Edmonton Oilers captain Andrew Ference had been kidnapped.  During their live broadcast, The Edmonton police called out to the one person they knew could get the job done: SpiderMable.  Understandably, many of you might not be familiar with SpiderMable, as she’s fairly new to the superhero scene.  Although her work flows in the same vein as her favorite superhero, Spider-Man, SpiderMable is fighting a lot more than just crime.  She’s also fighting acute lymphoblastic leukemia, or cancer of the white blood cells.

Now we’re breaking some major superhero etiquette here, but this little girl is so amazing that we have to reveal her secret identity to expose just how special her and her story are.  CBS News has reported that when not on duty, SpiderMable is Mable Tooke, who at only 6 years old, has been heroically fighting cancer for two years now.

It was during Mable’s treatment that she began reading lots of comics and grew fond of Spider-Man.  She took to him not only because he is so human, which was indeed a factor, but also because they share the trait of radioactive blood!  Here’s where The Children’s Wish Foundation comes in.

Mable admitted to the Foundation that while she would love to meet her hero, she also fantasizes about fighting crime just like he does.  And so, a superhero adventure was staged by The Children’s Wish Foundation.  The event will last the afternoon, starting at the World Waterpark with investigations into a villain sighting, and ending in the Otter Room of the Edmonton Valley Zoo for a celebration.

For weeks now The Children’s Wish Foundation has been working with Mable’s parents, the Oilers, the Edmonton police, and more Edmond-based municipal organizations to make Mable’s crime-fighting fantasies come to life.

When talking about Mable’s admiration for Spider-Man, Elizabeth LoPresti of The Children’s Wish Foundation said, “He is her biggest hero,” but it seems like we’ve just met a real life hero of our own in SpiderMable!  Follow her adventures with these videos!

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