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It’s one of the questions that people love to ask and love to think about the answer to: what if?  Many movies, novels, and TV shows have been created around that simple premise, and things get even more detailed when the question is extended to what if something that actually happened might have happened a different way?  As we approach “Back to the Future Day” – October 21, 2015, the destination date that Doc Brown set the DeLorean to travel into the future (but not the film’s release anniversary date, that’s July 3, FYI) – the love-fest for the film trilogy is reaching an all-time high, and deservedly so.  It also has cast and crew talking about the experience like they never have before; long silent on the topic, director and co-writer Robert Zemeckis has finally decided to share more insight on one of the most famous what if scenarios surrounding Back to the Future: what if Michael J. Fox hadn’t played the role of Marty McFly?

As the recounting goes, Zemeckis was pushed by the studio to start filming BTTF as quickly as possible, so waiting for the schedule of his first choice to play Marty – Fox – wasn’t feasible.  So, Eric Stoltz was cast instead; not a bad actor by any stretch of the imagination, but within the first month of filming, Zemeckis and the producers felt that it just wasn’t working with Stoltz, and that the miscasting would be disastrous for, pardon the pun, the movie’s future.  Fortuitously, by that time Fox’s schedule had opened up slightly, and the rest, as they say, is future history.

Check out this brief clip from Back in Time, a brand-new behind-the-scenes feature that will be releasing on VOD and in select theaters with a reshowing of Back to the Future on October 21.

Let us know in the comments: do you have big plans to celebrate Back to the Future this October 21?

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