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This isn’t The Muppets you know and love…it’s edgier. Piggy and Kermit’s break-up  takes center stage once more on the 2nd episode of  The Muppets’ “Hostile Makeover”. We get to see Piggy with a new beau this week, it’s all thanks to Kermit’s meddling, and we continue to follow Fozzie on his path to stardom.

Piggy’s anger level is at Def-Com WartHog, this means it is rather high, and it’s all due to her being sans-date for the People’s Choice Awards. Kermit takes it upon himself to have the entire staff scramble to find Piggy a date, and takes initiative of his own to find her a date as well. He suggests Jeff Goldblum( married), and Keanu Reeves (gained 100 pounds), and others who were part of a “Free Pass” list while the two were together.  Who was at the top of Kermit’s list? Lea Thompson, of course.

After Miss Piggy and Josh Groban lock lips, Piggy goes from QUEEN DIVA to Queen Caring.  Shouts with the word “moi” at the end of every sentence do not echo through the halls, Animal and Scooter aren’t having their pre-show tear-fest, and Piggy is miraculously complimenting the staff. It’s no dream! Groban has become a calming force in the turbulent pigs life. Unfortunately, this mean he has to go. Groban starts making different “suggestions” on the shows format such as: the Electric Mayhem going Acoustic, and for Piggy to start inviting authors as guests on the show. Despite how hip these changes seem, they’re only putting  audience literally to sleep. The highlight of this scene is Laurence Fishburnes’ drive-by “read” as he openly insults Kermit while driving around the studio lot yelling, “your show sucks!” If the man who picked “The One” heckles you in a golf-cart two-times, there’s a problem.

So Kermit must figure out a way to unravel the messy web he’s weaved and break up the duo, even if no one else wants that to happen. He tries the upfront approach by confronting Piggy about the situation in her dressing room, but is stopped at the door by Groban in a red bathrobe. So what is a frog to do when he can’t get to his star by normal means, well he has to pull out some unconventional methods. It may be dirty, but Kermit uses a method he knows will get through to Piggy: He plays to her EGO.

Kermit redesigns  marquee sign redone with a new name for the show, Josh Groban Presents Up Late with Miss Piggy. Bumping her name down a line leaves Piggy with one clear choice: Get rid of the Dork (Groban) from the show and her life.

As all these crazy changes are happening with the show, where does that leave our cuddly friend Fozzie Bear? Well to start off it apparently gives Fozzie plenty of time to cultivate a relationship of his own, a bromance of sorts with the late-night comedy titan,  Jay Leno. Fozzie has been invited to the former host’s house for a party, and after confirming it was not a mistake, Fozzie wants to remember the party. “I was just talking toilets with Jay Leno,” he says in excited one-on-one interview cutaway.

In his jittery excitement, Fozzie takes a souvenir from Leno’s house in the form of  a candy dish, but this theft weighs heavy on the his conscious. When Leno calls him back to his house, he’s worried he’s been caught, breaking the dish in the process.

But all Leno wanted to do was invite Fozzie to open for him in Las Vegas. If you are as bewildered as I am, let’s just remember that this is a comedy show and that this is doomed, as all things with Fozzie tend to be.  In classic fashion, Fozzie is so overjoyed that, again, he wants a memento to honor the moment, so he attempts to steal Leno’s brass rooster. He’s caught, but Leno forgives him because he himself stole a candy dish from George Carlin when he was younger.

Of course it comes to light that the candy dish Leno is speaking of just so happens to be the dish Fozzie stole and subsequently broke. In a blink of an eye Fozzie can kiss his gig and bromance goodbye.

Less fortunate is Kermit, who, by the luck of the TV comedy gods, ends up in an elevator next to Lea Thompson. Now is his chance to work those froggy charms, but sadly Gonzo appears to update Kermit on the plight of his mother who has been stuck overseas on a South American cruise and desperately needs money. And he decides to stay in the elevator with them to tell Kermit the story. I guess Kermit’s free pass list will go unused until next time on the “Love Elevator” ride.

My take away from this week’s episode is that The Muppets has a good sense of wacky hilarity from this weeks’ celebrity guests, which pushed the story lines in a more campy direction. But it still continues to drag us through the muck of the dreary  “industry” woes, that  Kermit and company deals with on a daily basis. At this point, even though I don’t enjoy that aspect of the show, it doesn’t seem that that particular aspect of it will dial itself down or them liberally spreading that sexual tension on thick. I swear if I hear “interspecies” romance about these romantic relationships with puppets I’m going to throw a fit. Don’t make it more salacious than it needs to be people.

This week’s episode gets a C+ from moi! See you next week, and here’s to hoping that I see a rivalry brewing with Laurence Fishburn cause goshdarnitt that already sounds like a good story line.

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