There’s a lot of interest in Captain Marvel, and why not? It will be Marvel Studios‘ first movie featuring a female superhero lead. Captain Marvel won’t arrive in theaters for another three years, heck, it doesn’t even have a director yet although the script is currently being written, but that hasn’t stopped armchair casting sessions from taking place on the keyboards, smartphones and tablets of the international fraternity/sorority of nerds. Everyone has their pick, with Katee Sackhoff and Rhonda Rousey being primary candidates, and believe it or not, the people that decide these things for Marvel sometimes check out your suggestions, and even think about them…

At an L.A. event to celebrate the home video release of Avengers: Age of Ultron, the same one we’ve previously reported on, studio head Kevin Feige and producer Jeremy Latcham discussed the casting process that will take place to find Captain Marvel.

“I think right now we’re scripting the film, figuring out who we want Carol Danvers to be, and really what the structure of the movie will be and what her part will be in some of our other Phase 3 films,” said Feige. “And it would be next year that we start to really think about casting.”

Of course, that isn’t to say that it’s never been thought of. “We read it, we go through it, we read the comments, we look at who people like,” said Latcham about fan suggestions for Captain Marvel. “Sometimes it’s really enlightening. Sometimes it’s the exact same person that they’ve been saying over and over again that we don’t think is right. It’s always fun to kinda go through it and see what people are up to.”

Marvel’s casting accumen so far has been pretty impressive, so there’s no reason to think that they can’t make a decent, or even exciting, choice for the role of Captain Marvel. If nothing else, it will likely be no one that’s been mentioned yet, and that person will surely be met with suspicion and doubt well before they’ll get the chance to win audiences over. But like I said, we’ll have to wait until November 2, 2018 to find out.

Obviously, we’ll have more news about Captain Marvel and all Marvel Studios projects as they develop.

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