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Pacific Rim 2 may be in a state of indefinite delay, but that hasn’t stopped people from playing around with different ideas regarding the movie. Even Guillermo del Toro has been playing around with ideas, and ever since he joined the Twitterverse, he hasn’t been afraid to share some of them. He recently sat down with someone and thinks she deserves her own Jaeger. Any idea who this person is? You’ll never guess who it is.

The person who del Toro thinks deserves her own Jaeger is none other than Maisie Williams. Don’t believe it? Check out the tweet from the man, himself.

This is one of those things where it’s so out of the ordinary that it may just work. Williams has already proven herself to be one, tough S.O.B. on Game of Thrones as Arya Stark. Also, don’t let her setback on the show fool you, either. She’s poised to kick some serious behind on that show.

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However, what can she bring to a movie like Pacific Rim 2? Imagine a character like Arya Stark at the helm of a Jaeger? Maybe she could be some kind of elite pilot, someone nearing legendary status among her peers, but she carries a big secret with her. The big twist is that she’s blind, but that’s never been an issue because of the neural interface and the connection she has with her co-pilot. Then at some point in the film her partner dies and she feels that she can’t perform to her potential anymore. That’s when Charlie Hunnam’s character steps in and they save the day.

Now for the fun part. What should her Jaeger’s name be? A throwback to Game of Thrones would be fun, but is probably too expected. Hmm…what should it be?

Pacific Rim 2 is set for release at some point in the future.

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