Without reservation, we can say that Frank Miller‘s The Dark Knight Returns is one of the most seminal graphic novels ever published. The sequel, The Dark Knight Strikes Back, not so much. The latter book, published in 2000, is largely seen as part of an overall decline in quality from Miller in the last several years, including heavily critiqued works like 300, Holy Terror, and All-Star Batman and Robin: The Boy Wonder. Now those books may have their good points too, but Miller criticism will go to a whole new level if the following piece of art is a hint at what we might be getting with the upcoming The Dark Knight Returns III: The Master Race.

This is not a leak. This is not a fake. It came directly from DC Comics as promotion for the upcoming release of The Master Race.


So… Uh. There it is. Weird. As you can see above, Miller is no slouch at drawing a decent Superman, to what went horribly wrong with this image, and what is it trying to say? Is the Man of Steel purposefully disproportional? Is there something in the story that’s going to explain this? Perhaps Miller’s age it starting to show in his art. Or maybe he’s punking us. Who can say at this point?

The Dark Knight Returns III: The Master Race is a new 8-part series that Miller co-wrote with 100 Bullets author Brian Azzarello. It is scheduled to start hitting comic book store shelves everywhere later this fall, and maybe at that point we’ll learn if Miller’s got his groove back so far as The Dark Knight Returns is concerned, or whether or not the above graphic is a startling sign of things to come.

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