Word is making the Internet rounds today that Marvel is in final talks with Joe Robert Cole (Amber Lake) to handle the scripting chores for Black Panther starring Chadwick Boseman (41, Captain America: Civil War). Not only that, but when you take a peek at Cole’s IMDB page, you’ll see that Inhumans (2019) is also listed. Could Cole be at the forefront of Marvel’s third phase of characters? joe-robert-cole-to-write-marvel-s-black-panther

Ava DuVernay (Selma) turned down the directors chair citing creative control issues. We all know that Marvel has a certain way they put together these movies and aren’t ready to turn things loose into any, no matter how talented (Yes, I am looking at you Edgar Wright), director’s hands. You’ll probably see some rumors about F. Gary Gary (Straight outta Compton, A Man Apart) being on the Marvel’s director short list, but nothing is concrete yet and if Gray gets the Fast & Furious 8 directors chair, he won’t be able to do Black Panther anyway.

I wouldn’t look for any director news until Marvel has a finished script in hand. That would certainly cut down the possibility of any director creative differences at that point.

While many of you might be wondering, how does a guy with one movie credit even get close to scripting Black Panther for Marvel? Marvel has an in-house writer’s program that scouts out upcoming writing talent and has them work on Marvel projects. Guardians of the Galaxy‘s writer Nicole Perlman was part of that same program. Marvel may have three different writers tackle a script and then pull parts from each to create the final version.


Black Panther hits theaters screens July 6th, 2018. We’ll get out first look at Black Panther the character, in Captain America: Civil War next year on May 6th, 2016.

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