If you think this sounds like something out of the 90s, you can be forgiven. There was a storyline that ran through the Superman books in the mid-1990s called “The Death of Clark Kent,” where one of the Man of Steel’s adversaries learned his secret identity and launched an attack to destroy him, forcing Superman and his adoptive parents to become fugitives flying under the radar in a Winnebago. But this time is different, because in the 90s Supes never got around to choosing a new name for himself, and this time, he has. Say hello to truck driver Archie Clayton: Last Son of Krypton.

Via the sharp eyes of io9, we catch up with Superman in Action Comics #45, driving a delivery truck and responding when people call him Archie. If you haven’t read Superman comics in a while, you may be confused, but this all has to do with a story that began when Lois Lane outed Clark Kent as Superman in the pages of the Daily Planet. Clark got $#!%canned by the paper, and apparently now must eek out a living as a blue collar worker.


That’s some work ethic, right? I mean, Superman could have sold the rights to his story or appeared on Dancing with the Stars or something. But not so fast, What you may not know is that being Archie is part of Superman’s plan to get to the bottom of a conspiracy against him that involves super-villains, the government, and maybe even the reason he can’t fly anymore.


Intrigued? Then head to your local comic book shop today to pick up the latest issue if Action Comics.

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