Relax, this is comic book news, not TV news. You’re first reaction, like mine, might have been that the idea of a Sin City TV series was a bad one given how the last movie, A Dame to Kill For, turned out. But more Sin City comic books? Sure, why not? That’s another piece of news that’s come out of New York Comic-Con, which is currently going on through Sunday at the Javits Center. While at a press conference for the new, highly anticipated The Dark Knight III: The Master Race, Miller reveled that he’s still working daily, and is ready to revisit a hive of scum and villainy worse than Gotham, Basin City.

“Oh yeah,” Miller said when reporters asked if had anything planned after DKIII. “My next book is set, I’m working on it now, in fact. It’s a Sin City, a love story set against the backdrop of World War II.”

So, a prequel. Miller may not recall that the last time he talked about making a prequel, it was for 300, and as it turned out, the movie adaptation ended up making it to theaters last year, while the book it was supposedly based on, Xerxes, is still no where in sight.

You may think that it’s Miller’s work ethnic, that he’s a procrastinator, but inker Klaus Janson said that a visit to Miller’s studio shows a man churning out work at a startling rate. “[T]here are just reams of paper all over, so many drawings, many of which won’t ever see the light of day, stuff that you really might not anticipate,” Janson said. “It’s really quite amazing.”

I guess we’ll find out. Maybe. Right now everyone’s looking to see how The Master Race will turn out given the fan reaction to The Dark Knight Strikes Back almost 15 years ago, and given the not very encouraging initial look at Miller’s art on the series. Do we want Miller revisiting another one of his classics like Sin City, and can he actually deliver the book sometime in the next decade? Remember Holy Terror?

New York Comic-Con continues through Sunday. The Dark Knight III: The Master Race hits comic book store shelves later this fall.

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