Gotham fans stand up and cheer. Pee-Wee Herman is coming to town. No, he’s not here for some big adventure, he’s actually here to play Penguin’s dad. That’s right, Paul Reubens will be guesting on Gotham to play the same role he played in Tim Burton’s Batman Returns (1992). Although, these are two separate characters, he should have more to say this time other than the shocked expression he had when he saw his son for the first time on the big screen.

Before you jump to any conclusions, this isn’t some kind of rumor. This news come straight from Penguin himself. Robin Lord Taylor, who plays Penguin on Fox’s Gotham, announced during the New York Comic Con that Reubens will be playing his father on the show.

Based on the image, it looks like Reuben’s Gotham version of Penguin’s dad will be quite different from the one he played in Batman Returns. If you were either too young or just don’t remember, here’s a quick look at Reubens in the original role.

paul reubens batman returns
He doesn’t look too bad. I remember when I saw this movie in theaters. I had no idea that this was Reubens. This was Pee-Wee Herman! Based on the image that Taylor released, this new version of Penguin’s dad looks like a normal business man who’s a lot more put together than his mother. It could explain why we haven’t seen him around. Maybe she was a little too crazy for him.

Other than the confirmation of his appearance, nothing else is known about Reuben’s guest spot on Gotham. He could show up in a couple of episodes down the line, or maybe he’ll be the mid-season finale cliffhanger. Until then, fans of the show attending NYCC were at least treated to a sizzle reel and a sneak preview of another character we can expect on the show – Captain Nathaniel Barnes played by Michael Chiklis.

If you’re interested in the actual sizzle reel footage from the Comic Con, then check out the video below. The reel contains footage that has already aired from the second season of Gotham. Those of you not interested in that can skip to the 3:32 minute mark for the preview of Captain Barnes.

Gotham airs every Monday on Fox at 8 PM ET.

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