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Last time on The Flash we finally found out what happened the day of the singularity. While a giant hole above the city threatened to absorb everything into it, the end result pushed friends and family apart in the form of Barry and company. For a moment, this seemed to be the path they were all destined for. Enter Atom Smasher and Zoom. Barry and his friends soon realized that being apart was the last thing they needed, and that the only way to defeat this new villain was to become closer than ever. However, Atom Smasher was just the beginning. This week’s episode, “Flash of Two Worlds,” introduces a new member of the team as well as new concepts that will help guide us for the rest of the season.

If you haven’t seen the latest episode of The Flash then be warned that this recap/review may contain spoilers. This will be your last and only warning. So, either look away or keep reading. Now on with the recap.


When we last left Barry, Caitlin had just finished explaining that the lab’s security had been upgraded so that no one would be able to walk in and out of the building. That’s when Jay Garrick walks in to everyone’s surprise. As Garrick explains it, where he’s from, he’s a speedster like Barry and is also known as The Flash. Garrick found his way into Barry’s world when the singularity opened up on his side and sucked him into it. He tells Barry that Atom Smasher is actually from his world. After seeing that he had found his way onto Barry’s world, he realizes that others may have followed. It’s a concept that’s hard to believe, but after six months Garrick has had time to understand things. To make matters worse, he’s lost his powers of speed.

Jay Garrick Flash episode 202
After Garrick explains himself, Professor Stein chimes in and introduces the concept of a multiverse to everyone else in the lab. According to Professor Stein, if what Garrick says is true, then the world that they are currently on can be considered as “Earth-1.” The world that Jay Garrick is from could be called “Earth-2.” Subsequently, there would then be other Earths that would exist all at the same time. However, on each of these different Earths, alternate versions of themselves could exist. For example, Joe West on Earth-1 is a detective. On Earth-2, Joe West could be an award winning scientist.

Patty Spivot is introduced as an energetic and enthusiastic police officer who is determined to be a part of Det. West’s anti-metahuman task force. However, to her dismay, she’s a little too eager for West and he denies her entrance into the task force.


Back at the lab, Barry struggles to trust Garrick. The alarm flashes and Cisco alerts Barry of a fire at a local factory. After putting out the fire, The Flash encounters a metahuman who has the ability to turn into sand but eventually gets away. Barry has Cisco test sand that he collected after his fight. Garrick walks in and explains that the sand is not really sand, but actually human cells that have the ability to mimic the properties of sand. He goes on to reveal that the cells belong to a metahuman from his world known as Sand Demon. Cisco takes the sand to another lab to run further analysis. While analyzing the sand, Cisco endures another “vision.” He’s shaken by it and struggles to understand what’s happening to himself.

Cisco visions Flash episode 202
Det. West doing what he does best, identifies Sand Demon as Eddie Slick. West spots slick while sitting in his car and runs after him. Thanks to the help of Spivot, Slick is apprehended and taken back to the CCPD for questioning. Slick admits to setting fires in the past, but not the one that Barry put out several nights before. West finds out that Slick was never near the particle accelerator the night of the explosion. It seems that the claims of Garrick are starting to add up and make sense.

At the lab, Barry calls into question the methods of his friends reminding them that they are scientists and journalists. Their duty is to test, prove and report their findings, yet, he feels that they are failing to do so. Iris realizes that something is wrong with Barry and pulls him aside. Barry reveals that Wells is to blame for his trust issues. Iris reminds Barry that trust is the reason he was able to defeat Wells and that if he keeps his walls up, people are going to start losing trust in him.

Having no probable cause to keep Slick, West is forced to let him go. Slick walks away but quickly returns only to be the Slick from Earth-2. He knocks out West and takes Spivot hostage. Barry realizes he was wrong about Garrick and seeks out his help. Garrick tells Barry that the only way to beat Slick is to shoot him with lightning generated from the energy Barry creates when he runs.

Flash gets help Flash episode 202
While Barry continues to train, Cisco has an idea in how to locate Sand Demon and Spivot. He runs back to the lab where he was analyzing Sand Demon’s cells. He touches them and forces a vision which tells him where they are. Towards the end of the vision, Professor Stein walks in on Cisco and asks what’s happening. Cisco avoids the question and tells him he’s found a way to locate Sand Demon and Spivot. However, Stein knows that something else is happening.

After defeating Sand Demon, Barry apologizes for not believing in Garrick sooner. Garrick says it was nothing and reminds Barry that the tougher road is ahead when he has to take down Zoom. When Barry asks who Zoom is, Garrick replied,

“Zoom is obsessed with destroying me. Now he wants to destroy you. He needs to be the best. And he will do whatever it takes to ensure he’s the only speedster…in any world.”

At the CCPD offices, West confronts Spivot about her profile. She confesses that Mark Mardon (aka Weather Wizard) killed her father before he and his brother became metahumans. It’s this which drives her to want to join West’s task force because he’s the only other person she knows who is just as driven to stop these kind of people. Afterward, West accepts her into the task force. As Joe leaves for the day, a mysterious woman walks up to him. It’s the long lost Mrs. West.

Back at the lab, Stein asks Cisco about the earlier events to which Cisco reveals what he’s been experiencing but pleads with the Professor not to tell the rest of the group. The Professor promises. Moving on, they gather everyone back upstairs and show the results of their study of the breach from which Garrick came from. Their results concluded that there were other breaches (52 to be exact) and that a major one was located inside S.T.A.R. Labs. Professor Stein continues to explain what lies beyond the breach inside the labs, but before he can finish he collapses.

In the final scene, a monorail shoots by an advanced version of Central City and we’re taken inside a fully restored S.T.A.R. Labs. Inside a woman is giving a tour to  group of young children. She explains to them that the lab leads the world in discoveries in the fields of artificial intelligence, genetics, and metahuman studies. Just then, the tour guide receives an unexpected surprise as the founder of S.T.A.R. Labs walks into her tour group. That’s when we see Dr. Wells walk out of an elevator to the sound of applause and says, “Hello, kids.”


This week’s episode started strong. Jay Garrick’s introduction is a important point in the show and there was nothing confusing about it. In fact, Professor Stein’s lesson on the multiverse was well said and it really laid the ground work for the future of the season in a very comprehensive manner.

Garrick Jary Flash episode 202a
Patty Spivot’s introduction was also well done. Her characteristics really came out in the first few seconds she was on screen and her feelings towards Barry weren’t hidden under any confusing acting or dialogue. This is great because it really mirrors her character in the comic book while still keeping it separate.

When a superhero learns a new ability or power, it’s always really exciting to watch and experience. Just like any normal person learning more about their identity, these type of moments are special because not only do you get to see something new, but you also get to understand who they are as a person. In Barry’s case, the audience got share his growing pains and reveled in his success when he finally threw that bolt of lightning.

As far as where the show can improve, hopefully the show finds time to really go over what’s going on with Cisco. Up to now, the show has only really touched upon the subject in little tidbits, and has spaced it out enough that it may be getting a little confusing. Cisco need an episode dedicated to him. The sooner, the better.

Overall, this was another good episode. Was is it better than the last one? Not so much. Sand Demon felt more like filler than an actual problem.  Cisco’s current reminders that he’s the guy who gets to name everything is getting a little dry. It’s only episode two of the second season, but it may be time to evolve a bit in the story. Barry has been growing at a steady pace, and he should being the star of the show. The rest of the cast should be able to grow just as much at the same time.

Final Grade: B+

On a final note, kudos to the show for recreating an iconic scene from the comic books. Did any of you catch it?

The Flash airs every Tuesday on The CW at 8 PM ET.

For a preview of next week’s episode, check out the video below:

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