There’s been an Update from Den of Geeks on their earlier Fantastic Four movie rights rumor:

UPDATE: Fox has responded to the report that Fantastic Four’s rights are returning to Marvel – it’s “completely untrue” the studio says…

Update 2: Since our original story about the possibility of Marvel having re-acquired the rights to Fantastic Four, we’ve been contacted by 20th Century Fox. It states that our source’s suggestion that Fox had reached some kind of deal with Marvel is “completely untrue.” 

A denial has also come from Marvel. 

Well, it sounded too good to be true earlier today and that’s usually how things that sound to good to be true end up. It’s too bad though, I really want Marvel to get those Cosmic characters that FOX has tied up in the Fantastic Four Movie rights.

Here’s the original post:

Let’s walk through this rumor. Yesterday, 20th Century Fox announced the development of two new X-Men television series, Hellfire and Legion. Wait a minute… Marvel still owns the television rights to the X-Men while FOX owns the movie rights so there must have been some kind of deal going on behind the scenes. There certainly was, rumors of a deal on the table between the two floated around back in June and it looks like the Fantastic Four might have been Marvel’s key desire, with FOX holding up on agreeing to the deal while they quickly pumped out a reboot of the franchise. Now that FOX’s latest attempt to revitalize the Fantastic Four franchise has spectacularly blow up in their faces once again, signs are pointing toward FOX loosening their grip on the Fantastic Four movie rights in trade for the X-Men Television rights.legion 11

What are these two X-Men television shows? Legion will be about Professor Charles Xavier’s schizophrenic mutant son whose powers change with the personality voices that is in charge at that moment. The twist is that perhaps those voices and vision s are real.


Hellfire will follow the Mad Men style and be set in the late 60’s. The series will follow a young special agent who investigates a power-hungry woman (Emma Frost, the Hellfire White Queen?) with extraordinary powers that is part of a secret society of millionaires, who want to take over the world. The place these wanna be world rulers meet to plan and scheme, The Hellfire Club.

Now the Press release about the two new X-Men television shows tells us that FOX and Marvel will be working together on the two new series. That flies right in the face of all the other evidence over the past few years that the two companies are doing everything in their powers to thwart anything the other wants to do. Marvel canceled the Fantastic Four comic, did not produce any X-Men toys related to FOX’s latest X-Men movies, and actually took the X-men and Fantastic Four off clothing merchandising featuring classic covers that originally included those characters. FOX wouldn’t let Marvel use the Badoons in Guardians of the Galaxy, or Marvel didn’t want to give anything up to FOX to use those alien races.

Now suddenly the two will be working together on these television shows? Seems unlikely really, unless there is more to the deal that just hasn’t been announced yet. Something like Marvel getting to use the characters in the Fantastic Four franchise in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, much like the deal Sony and Marvel made for Spider-Man.


Now I want to say that if this rumor is true, the return of the Fantastic Four to Marvel for movies is huge news, but not because of Reed, Sue, Johnny, and Ben. No, they really aren’t the characters that will have the most impact on the MCU. I’m talking about those other characters that FOX never got around to using, or used so poorly, like Doctor Doom, Galactus, the Silver Surfer, the Skrulls, and all those other fantastic four characters that Marvel couldn’t use because of that original movie deal made back when Marvel was facing bankruptcy.

All of those characters play a huge part in Marvel’s big event story lines. Guardians of the Galaxy has already had to change which alien races were used to comply with the old deal. Now if this rumor is true, we will get to see those characters on the big screen.

Don’t forget that Marvel just made changes to their movie line up and added three new as yet untitled movies to the 2020 lineup. Might one of these be a Fantastic Four movie? Let’s face it Fantastic Four fans. The Fantastic Four really works best when it is bouncing off the other characters of the Marvel Universe. Mister Fantastic as a part of the Illuminati, the Thing teaming up with other Marvel superheros in Thing Two In One (yeah I know that is old school).

The family of superheroes is a hard thing to really pull off. No Ordinary family tried to do it on television, the fantastic Four on the big screen more than once and each time it hasn’t caught on. The only family superhero movie you might point at is The Incredibles. What makes the Fantastic Four work in the MCU will be the interaction between them as a family and the other heroes.

Den of Geeks just updated their post:

UPDATE: “Having asked for some clarification from our source, we understand that the deal Marvel have made with Fox – which will see Fantastic Four returned to the Marvel fold in exchange for the X-Men TV rights – also includes the rights to villains Galactus and Doctor Doom, as well as the Silver Surfer.”


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