Neill Blomkamp continues to tease new images from his work on Alien 5. This time around Blomkamp shows us the standard issue weapon for United States Colonial Marines, the M41A Pulse Rifle because, This is my rifle. There are many like it, but this one is mine.Here’s the Instagram post:


We all knew there would be pulse rifles. Obviously. Now with added RIS

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For those of you wondering what RIS means – Rail Interface System. It’s a generic term for attaching various accessories to weapons. I imagine we’ll see the new standard pulse rifle with different build outs for each soldier’s preferences or squad duties.

Will we see some other improvements in Colonial Marine armaments? I can’t wait to see what changes might have happened to the M56 Smart Gun pictured below.


Gotta say I like the new look and would love to have one for my own. How about you? Would you buy one if sold or you know, you could just make your own.

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