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This is probably old news to some of you, but it’s been finally confirmed. In select theaters, a movie marathon will run before the premiere of Star Wars The Force Awakens. So, if you’re feeling brave and willing to put up with Jar Jar, then get ready to relive all six Star Wars movies before you embark upon a new adventure. How wild of an adventure is this? Let’s just say that someone’s already done the math. If you were to watch all six movies and weren’t given any breaks, then it would take 13.25 hours. With the seventh movie, the total hours goes to a whopping 15.5 hours. So, on your marks, get set, sit!

If you’d like to be one of the lucky individuals to see all seven movies in the theater, then you can sign up for Fanfango fan alerts and it should alert you as to when you can buy tickets for the event nearest you.

According to the report, though, the only thing that is unknown are the times as to when the movies will be shown. Assuming that the premiere of The Force Awakens started at the earliest time it can be shown (7 PM), and if you were given five half-hour break and a full-hour break during the marathon, then you would have to begin the event at 3 AM the previous morning! There’s a good chance that theaters will want to avoid something like this. That’s probably why times haven’t been listed, Someone out there is probably working on that issue right now.

So, which one of you is actually going to do this?

Star Wars The Force Awakens is set to premiere on December 17th.


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